Know Those Moments Of Truth

Know Those Moments Of Truths When What You Hear, Or Come To Realize, Turns Your World Around. When One Or Several Things Turn Out To Be Exactly What You Needed To Hear At The Exact Right Time. Ba-boom.

For The Past Couple Of Years, Ive Had Several Ah-ha Moments That Have Made My Life Better. Here Are Seven Of Those Realizations. While Others Brought Me The Greatest Relief And Hallelujah Moment .

Read Them, Ponder Them, And Let Them Move In With You. See If They Can Alter Your Life And Perhaps Amp Up Your Awesomeness Even More.

You Re 100 Percent Responsible For Your Life.
First Time I Heard This I Got A Tiny Bit Uncomfortable, To Say The Least. Did That Mean I Had To Take Responsibility For Everything? Even Areas In My Life Where I Had Felt Mistreated, Misunderstood, And Clearly Had My Reasons As To Why Things Werent Ideal? Like My Financial Situation And Why I Wasnt Working With Something I Love.

At First, I Didnt Like The Idea Of Taking Full Responsibility For Everything. But, Then It Hit Me: If I Want To Own The Solution, I Have To First Own The Problem. This Doesnt Mean That What Someone Else Did To Us Was Okay; It Just Means That We Accept What Happened (Because, Lets Face It, It Did Happen) And Then Take Responsibility For How We Let It Affect Our Life Onward.

We Cant Change A Situation In Our Life That We Dont Take Full Responsibility For, Because That Means That The Power Sits With Someone Or Something Else. Excuses, Blames, And Reasons Might Cushy-comfort Us For A While, But It Wont Change The Game.

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Try This: Look At One Area Of Your Life That Youre Not Fully Satisfied With. Then, Choose To Take 100 Percent Responsibility For It, No Matter What Has Happened Or How Things Are Now. (If You Find It Difficult To Start, Just Imagine That You Do It For Two Minutes).

Taking Responsibility Means Taking Your Power Back To Where It Belongs: To You.

The Thing That Annoys You About Others Is A Reflection Of You.
What Really Pisses You Off About Others? What Frustrates You And Makes You Go Through The Roof? Yeah, Thats All A Mirror Of You.

Realizing This For Me Gave Me So Many Ah-ha Moments (After I Passed My Denial Phase). For Example, I Was Frustrated With One Person Who Always Interrupted Me And Others. Why Wasnt She Capable Of Listening? Why Did She Always Have To Interrupt People Half Way Through?

As You Might Have Guessed, This Was Also Something I Did. (Now Im Aware, So Hopefully I Dont Do It As Much Anymore.) Realizing This Was Powerful. Not Only Could I Reveal Sides Of Myself I Wanted To Work On, It Also Allowed Me To Practice Compassion Instead Of Judgment With Others Behavior. Win-win!

Look At Things That Annoy You About Others And Then Turn The Focus Toward Yourself. Whats The Message Here? How Can You Grow And Develop From It?



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