Kiddwaya Fights Dirty With Family Member On Twitter

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Kiddwaya has angrily blocked a family member on Twitter after an incident leaving fans shocked.

There was drama on Twitter as a reality star and one of his family members clashed.
Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate Kiddwaya couldn’t hold back as he exchanged words with a family member.
The exchange saw him called an ingrate.
Kiddwaya had tweeted:
“I’m actually very a private person and I don’t give people information about me or anyone close to me. If there’s any new information you will hear it directly from my twitter or Instagram not from @DoodooArmani or any other bloggers. Good morning and I love you all.”
To which Dodo responded thus:
“Terseer Waya. Don’t EVER in your life tag me to any nonsense post… Are you mad? This should be the last time you ever tag me to any STUPID post of yours You ingrate…”
She added:
“I’m NOT fvcking scared of you. Who de fvck are you? Yu think you can come on social media and write stupid things about me and think I will keep quiet because we are family? Unblock me and bring it on Terseer.”
See screenshots of the exchange:

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