Keep Switching Up Your Strategies

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only one who has developed strategies that help me get inspired. I always change my way of working. As soon as I know a program or an instrument well, I switch. If I willingly put myself into the status of an amateur, its much more likely that Ill be confronted with surprises.

For example working with new people, working only with voices, doing functional rhythm tracks, or programming everything on the phone these restrictions are a creative motor.

In general, I would say that if you restrict yourself then you will aid your process and it will help you develop a new thing. There is nothing more anti-creative then being confronted with endless possibilities.


How I know when its finished is when I make another change and it doesn’t sound better. I try multiple changes, and I end up where I was a few steps before. Its finished based on my response on that moment in time. The only instinct you have is to follow your emotional response, how it makes people feel when they hear it and saying, Okay I need to follow that. There might be a technical problem to address, but you’re still looking at the emotional response.


participant: Ives always been interested in creating my own little world. I try to reflect whats in my head its the most effective way for me to express how I feel. I started trying to make beats when I was a teenager, and it just evolved from there,

because I figured out it was an exciting way to express my ideas and create spaces. (The thing that helped me most was) not trying to be smart about it, really. Just saying whatever it is I wanted to say, the way I wanted to say it. You can argue with yourself about what you really want to say, but just be honest and try to stick to your intuition.

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