Can The Act Of Smoking, Abusing Substances, Or Just Not Taking Care Of Yourself Be

A Form of Selfishness, as Well as Something to Be Empathized With? It is a Form of Selfishness Because We Know Second Hand Smoke Causes Health Issues, and Also Because if You Can’t Care for Yourself, You Can’t Really Care for Anybody Else. It Can Be Empathized With Because Most Acts of Self Medicating Have a Traumatic Experience Involved at Some Point in the Persons Life. Thoughts? Can It Be Both Selfishness,

And Something We Can Empathize With?
Drugs Are an Issue Much More Complex Than Most People Realize. As You Hinted, Drug Use is Mostly Self-medication – Whether They Are Medicating for a Recognized Physical or Psychological Condition or Simply Medicating for Stress. Drugs Are a Normal Way of Helping You Get Through Your Day, Week, Month, Etc. We All Use Drugs to Enhance Our Lives in Some Way. People Who Take Drug Use Too Far Got There Through Very Understandable Means. Addicts of “Hard” Drugs Usually Have Suffered Severe Trauma in Their Lives, and Started Using Those Drugs to Medicate for Ptsd, Depression, Anxiety, Etc. So From My Perspective, There is Little Sense in Judging People for Their Drug Use – Only in Helping Them to Overcome Addictions and Find the Safest Way to Treat Their Trauma.
That Said, Drug Use Can Be Incredibly Dangerous, and I Would Say Using Drugs Recklessly is Selfish and Immoral. Mixing Certain Kinds of Drugs Together and Overdosing Both Put Yourself at Risk, Which is Harmful to Your Loved Ones, and There Are Some Drugs That Are So Harmful From the Start That Any Level of Use is Inadvisable. However, if You Operate on Conventional Wisdom, You Probably Have a Skewed Perspective on the Harmfulness of Drugs. Researchers That Examine Multi-dimension
Al Harm Models Have Actually Found That Psychedelics, Often Considered Some of the Most Dangerous Drugs, Are Actually Some of the Safest With the Lowest Likelihood of Addiction. And Cannabis is an Excellent Example of a Drug Widely Demonized That Has Very Few Harms, and is Incredibly Safe to Use. Alcohol, Meanwhile, is Usually Considered to Be One of the Safest Drugs, and is Definitely Treated as One of the Safest Drugs by Our Legal System, but is the Most Harmful Drug on the Market.

Also Foryou👉  Ignorance Is The Biggest Problem

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For Me, Using Drugs Ethically Means Using Them Intelligently. Understand the Real Harms and Benefits of What You’re Using, and You Will Be Able to Make Informed Decisions That Protect Your Life and the Lives of Those Around You. But Our Legal and Education Systems Push a View of Drugs That is Overall Incredibly Harmful to the Public. Because Our Perceptions Are Often Governed by Laws (We Tend to Assume Legal Drugs Are Safer Than Illegal Ones), and Schools Cherry Pick Information to Support the Narrative Pushed by the Law, Most People Are Not Well-educated on How to Use Drugs Safely, Which Leads to Them Making Poor Decisions That Cause Unnecessary Harm, When They Likely Would Have Made a Better Decision if They Had Just Not Been Lied to by Their Government and Teachers, Whom They Are Meant to Trust.
So Ethical Drug Use Really Means Taking the Time to Understand the Drugs You Are Using, and Being Willing to Ignore the Law and Conventional Wisdom So You Can Make the Best Decisions.




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