Ayra Starr is Mavin’s Latest Card in their Game of Global Domination

If there’s any award for being more Beyonce than Beyonce herself, it will go to Mavin Record label where they have finessed the act of launching fresh young talents upon the airwaves with little to no warning. An act that Beyonce created after dropping her eponymous title with no prior press. First of this was Rema with the self-titled EP in March 2019 and just recently, the unveiling of Ayra Starr with the Ayra Starr EP.

The Ayra Starr EP is a 5-track affair of soulful vibes and sweet melodies as she enchants you with her malleable yet strong vocals, singing songs of love, coming of age and teenage angst. It comes with a preparedness not only on the side of the 18-year-old star bud, but in the star makers themselves, Mavin Records that hints at the game they’re playing at the global arena.

The Nigerian music space and the entire African musicspehere is currently at a level where despite flawed structures, recognition from the western world is beginning to come in real-time and Afrobeats is poised to be the next big global sound. It is a paradigm shift still on the move and no member of the industry intends to be left behind when the shift comes full circle. And it is this grit and determination that can be perceived off Ayra herself. While she may yet be in her adolescent years, it is clear from her frequent Instagram freestyles in an era before her discovery, her vocal strength and its application on her EP as well as her poise in her first music video, Away that she has no intention of being a one-project wonder.

For this higher purpose, several reasons have over time, come together to give the union of Ayra Starr and Mavin as much power as Daenerys and Jon Snow’s had in HBO’s Game of Thrones. One of such is the very man at the helm of affairs of house Mavin. Born Micheal Collins Ejereh, Don Jazzy has at least a decade old experience at producing and working with some of the biggest and best talents to ever grace the Nigerian music scene. His work with D’Banj not only served to get the singing half global recognition but laid some of the earliest tracks for the flight that Nigerian artistes have had ever since.

In addition to Don Jazzy’s cap of experience is goodwill in thousands of yards which he has earned by being one of the most generous and transparent Nigerian celebrities to grace the internet. It is this goodwill that pushed a relatively unknown Ayra from less than 5,000 followers on Instagram to mid 40, 000 in less than a day following the don’s effusive announcement of her signing and call to action to follow her.

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