Ame Wo Ba Eggon- Pre Carnival And Beauty Pageant 2020

Ame Wo Ba Eggon: Pre-Carnival And Beauty Pageant 2020

Carnival is an annual festival celebrated in many different ways,  Ame Wo Ba Eggon- Pre Carnival And Beauty Pageant

As usual, the carnival is not limited to Eggon alone; hence traditional dancers from other tribal organizations have been invited to participate in the procession

Date: 5th December,2020

Venue:  Legacy Hotel Eggon, Along Mada Station Road
Time: 7 Pm
*Beauty Contest
*Displayed of Eggon Tradition Food
*live stage Performance by Artist
* Choreography Dancers
*Music and Drama, Comedy And many more
For More Info, Kindly Contact: 07068855755 or09021279648
For Ticket’s Purchasing;  You can call this number, 0814 882 6062 Or 09021279648
or message us on What-sap   CLICK HERE


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  1. Am proud to be Eggon

  2. Eggon my culture ❤❤

  3. Geting my ticket ready,Is going to be great

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