Advice For Upcoming Artiste

As An Upcoming Artiste You Need To Understand The Movement On How Everything Works You Can’t Just Do What You Want Or What You Like

Many Are Talking About All These Upcoming Artists Who Don’t Take Their Music/lyrics Serious Same As What The Sing

What Upcoming Artists Need To Understand Is When You Sing You Are Not Singing For Your Self You Are Singing For The Fans Audience Also What You Are Targeting

Reason Of This Article Is To Make Most Upcoming Artists To Understand And To Try Their Best And Master The Key To Everything

And Also To Brink Out Good Vibes To Their Listeners

Artists Need To Be Able To Write Their Own Lyrics,. Practice It Always Check On It If There’s Anything Like Mistake Correct It
And Also Determine What Exactly You Want To Make For Your Audience
You Can’t Just Come Out And Sing Anything Usefulness
Which At The End You Will Be Disgrace

Most Things Artists Need To Understand
Is As Upcoming You Need To Brink Out Something Good Something That People Will Even Like More Yourself

What You Need To Know Is All These Popular Artists Who Sings Song Without Knowing Anything Meaningful The Didn’t Start With Bad Music Or Lyrics

The Did Not Start With That,

Before The Are As Upcoming As You The Takes Their Time And Everything To Write Good Song With Good Lyrics

Now The Have Become Pupular And Many People Knows Now The A Stars And The What The Are Singing The Song The Sing Now Adays Has No Meaning

The Reason For This Is For You Also To Understand As You Are Coming Up As Upcoming, You Need To Give Your Fans
The Best Because You Have Just Started

If You Will Be Singing Like All This Pupular Artists, You Won’t Have A Chance Of Reaching Where Are Expecting
Because You Didn’t Have Good Lyrics
You Don’t Have Good Voice

Also You Can’t Determine What Exactly Is Your Purpose

You Supposed To Be Able To Play Your Own Rules As Upcoming
Good Voice Good Lyrics Good Vibes
Always Bring Out And Make Something Perfect Every time

Try Your Best Let Your Producer Do The Rest
He Would Even Give You The Best Mastering

You Need To Get Ready And Accept The Fact And Everything

You Need To Accept The Errors You Have On Your Lyrics

Any Time You Get A Mistake Correct It
Let Others Also Look At Your Things For Better Understanding

Things You Might Be Thinking Is Right To You Might Not Be Because Without Asking For Opinions Unfortunately You Won’t Really Understand The Concept
Don’t Forget Keep Believing In Your Dreams One Day Unfortunately You Will Surely See The Results

And Also Thank People Who Advice You On Everything You Do Which Is Not Correct
This Is Not Just For Nigeria Upcoming Artists It’s Also For Artists Who Are Ready To Listen To Us

I Hope This Write Up That I Made Will Be Helpful To You

If You Need Help Naijaforyou Can Also Be Part Of Your Dreams

We Are Working On Also Writing Good Content/articles For Artists And Also The Fact And Truth

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