Actress Didi Ekanem Reveals How She Was Allegedly Sexually Harrassed By Police Officers

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Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem took to social media to reveal how she was sexually harassed by police officers for making a wrong U-turn.

She admitted she broke the law by making a “one way U-turn” on her way out. She said before she completed the turn, “10 heavily armed” task force men pointed guns at her, opened her door and threw her out of the driver’s seat. This was at about 10am.

She said they made her ride in the back of her car with other officers and took her to an unknown location where the officers told her they had to wait for their commander.

As they waited, she said one of the officers tried to touch her breasts and when she warned him, he said he was only trying to help. The commander eventually came at about 3 pm and took her to Alausa, Ikeja, then allegedly proceeded to make sexual passes at her.

When she refused, she said he fined her a huge sum.

She added that while she was there, she witnessed them harass and extort others who they also detained.

She concluded that the End SARS protests which held to address these same issues had no impact.

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